Oral Histories

LA Ironworks, preserving America’s cultural history

When America’s old time tappers pass on, their stories and experiences will vanish without
scholarly documentation left to benefit future generations. 



Lend An Ear.  National Theatre, 1948. 
From left to right:  Gene Nelson, Tommy Morton, Yvonne Adair. 
Bob is in the air.

How’s About it?  Univeral Pictures, 1942. 
From left to right:  Patty Andrews, Louis DaPron, Dorothy Babb, Bob.


On the set of Adam At 6AM.  1970.

Robert Scheerer was under contract to Universal Pictures as a singing and dancing youngster alongside Donald O’Connor. He moved to Broadway where he worked with Carol Channing, Gower Champion, Bob Fosse and others, and served out his career working in Hollywood with countless stars including Fred Astaire, Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Richard Harris and Sammy Davis, Jr. 

Robert Scheerer’s oral history, published by LA Ironworks, is archived in the Dance Collection at the New York Public Library, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and at The Carson Dance Library in Denver, Colorado.  Excerpts have appeared in “On Tap,” the publication of the International Tap Association.


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